Month: October 2020

Woodside Health Estate… Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to your new happy place. Here is the spot where you can indulge in your two favourite obsessions. Healthy living and enjoying a glass of great wine. This blog is the engine room of the spirit that drives Woodside Health Estate. Here you will find tips for healthy living, firsthand accounts of all those healthy living products and approaches, and of course plenty of wine talk.

Around 10 million Australians are regular wine drinkers. With incredible wines coming straight from our many wine-growing regions, it’s comforting to know that no matter where we live, we can enjoy some of the highest quality wines from our own backyard.

We’ve all heard the term ‘living your best life’. The Woodside Health Estate blog views the idea of living your best life as more than just having low body fat, running a marathon, and drinking blended kale every morning.

There. Must. Be. More. To. Life.

Around 20% of Australians have mental health concerns as their most prevalent chronic health condition. Healthy living should be more holistic than just clocking up kilometres on the treadmill. And living your best life should mean doing things that make your mind happy, and your body feel amazing! A healthy body, a healthy mind, and a little bit of everything in moderation is the most important idea you will find within the walls of this blog. Be sure to keep reading to learn about the health products we love and of course the wine we love too.

Now a question for you.
Do you drink wine as part of your healthy living habits, or do you consider a glass or two of Vino to be a guilty pleasure?
Join the conversation and let us know. And stay tuned for more on healthy living that includes wine.