Supplements the Easy Way

Supplements can be a great way to heighten your nutritional intake. There are so many on offer today, that finding the right combination is an easy task. Unfortunately, the fun of supplements ends for most people when they get home and realise that supplements just taste awful. I want to share with you a little secret. You can use empty capsules to make taking your supplements an easy task that passes the taste test.

Getting all of the nutrients you need simply cannot be done without supplements.

Steven Gundry

Take a walk through your local health food store and you’re sure to find powdered supplements for any purpose. Visit your health-obsessed friend and I guarantee you’ll see half a dozen plastic powder containers perched faithfully in a row on the kitchen countertop. It’s a wonderful world we live in where we can get a powder for any purpose, from skin health to anti-inflammation, to cricket protein powder. (It’s a real thing).

The most challenging part of powder supplements is not which one to get, it’s the problem of how to take it. Mixing powders into liquid is the most common way to take powders, but honestly, how many times can we ruin the taste of a fruit smoothie by adding spirulina powder? This was my problem for years. I loved the way my supplements made me feel, but I loathed my morning spirulina smoothie, and I detested my lunchtime yogurt tainted with the weird taste of collagen powder. The worst was the afternoon glass of water mixed with baobab powder. It made me miserable. Healthy… but miserable.

My 4 key ingredients for success are my coach, my Forza supplements, my daily food deliveries and my gym.

Spencer Matthews

I set out to find a better way and that’s when I discovered the simplicity of using empty capsules to take supplements. I use the gelatin capsules, although there are capsules made without animal products for vegans too. The empty capsules on the market come in a range of different sizes and are made with high-quality ingredients and under strict standards. You need not worry about any nasty additives when incorporating them into your supplement routine.

Now, instead of struggling through the taste of my supplements and destroying the flavour of my smoothies, I just swallow a few capsules each morning with a glass of water. The greatest part is, they are completely tasteless, so my body gets the benefits without my tastebuds having to suffer.

Since using empty capsules, I’ve discovered that I can take my supplements in a more deliberate way. Now I get to choose exactly how much powder I ingest, and I can create combinations of powders to suit my needs for the day. I just mix my powders, open the capsule, and carefully scoop the mix into the capsule before clicking it back together. Now it is safely sealed inside my capsule to take when I’m ready. I can drink my smoothies AND enjoy the fresh fruit flavour without the taste and texture of supplement powder.

One of the added benefits of using empty capsules is there’s absolutely no wastage. Often when mixing supplements in liquid, clumps can form and be left at the bottom of the glass. When I take my capsule, know that I’m getting the entire dose, which has only bolstered my health even more.

This simple little healthy living tool has given me greater nutrition and enjoyment every single day. It proves the old saying that good things really do come in small packages.

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