My Top Healthy Living Tips

The phrase “I’ll start on Monday”, just doesn’t cut it anymore. beginning a fad diet on Monday, only to quit by Wednesday is something our parents did in the 80s. There is so much more to healthy living than putting yourself on an unrealistic diet of lemon water and apples. Healthy living can be summed up in four basic principles and one strict rule. Before we get to the 4 principles, hear this:


Sorry to shout, but that is the only rule I will ever proclaim to anyone in relation to their food and drink. It’s so important to stay hydrated, just drink that water and we can get on with our healthy living.
Now that’s out of the way, here are my four tips for anyone to live a healthy life:

1) Eat enough food.
This tip is number one for good reason. Eating enough food to fuel your body is the best way to live a healthy life. We need energy to work, recreate, exercise, and even sleep. Making sure you eat enough food to make yourself feel satisfied will give you the building blocks you need to live your best healthy life. Without enough food, we don’t have enough energy. This affects our whole life; We don’t get that good restorative sleep at night, we walk around all day in a mental fog because our brain is starved, and we end up relying on stimulants like caffeine to make it through the day. Remember, hunger doesn’t equal health.

2) Choose foods and drinks that make you feel good.
Now that you’re eating enough food to make you feel satisfied, we come to the choice of which foods to eat. How do you choose which foods to include in your diet? The answer to that is entirely up to you. Ask yourself these questions:
● Which foods make you feel good?
● Which foods do you enjoy?
● What are you craving right now?
Listen to your body and go with it. Your body knows what it wants better than any social media influencer peddling the latest trend. And have that glass of wine if it makes you feel good, it comes with loads of health benefits!

3) Move your body in a way that suits you.
Moving your body is about joy, celebration, and confidence! Find a way to move that you enjoy because life is too short to turn up for that boot camp class every week if you don’t have fun. Maybe you like swimming? Perhaps you enjoy bike riding or bushwalking? Maybe you like to stretch out in yoga poses? Maybe you adore the intensity of a good spin class! Whatever you enjoy is what you will do for the long term, and the long game is what healthy living is all about.

4) Take advantage of products and services that can support you.
There is a never-ending list of health products on the market. Some are really useful and can help the way you approach living healthily. Don’t be afraid to take full advantage of the ones that are right for you. Supplements, for example, can be perfect for those extra nutritional needs to help you reach your goals. Don’t hesitate to incorporate some of these into your daily routine to support your pursuit of healthy living. If you need a little extra help on your health kick, seek support from professionals in their field. Doctors, naturopaths, and even hypnotherapists can offer additional support to ensure you live your best healthy life.

Healthy living may look a little different for everyone, but it undeniably predicates an enjoyable, adventurous life. Listen to your body and give it the nutrition, movement, and fun it wants. That’s the best way to enjoy your healthy life in your own way and do it forever.