What is Weight Loss Hypnosis About?

Maintaining a healthy weight is a huge part of living a healthy life. Weight control is a cause for concern for many people. Sometimes it can feel like a battle with your own mind to shed those extra kilos that may be holding you back from a vibrant healthy existence. If you can relate to this struggle, keep reading. I’ve been where you are, and I want to tell you about my experience with weight loss hypnosis.

“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

― Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

I have always tried to live a healthy life, and for the most part, I’ve been so lucky to have a happy healthy lifestyle. I ate great nutritious food, I exercised daily, and I enjoyed social connections with friends and family. About 3 years ago, I noticed my clothes were getting too tight and my skin was starting to dull, and I was waking up every few hours during the night. I felt lethargic and foggy. I knew I needed to do something but every day I was in a tug-o-war with my subconscious mind. It was as though there were two versions of me. The me who knew I needed to ramp up my healthy habits, and the me who just wanted to give up and get a donut. That’s when I decided to undergo weight loss hypnosis. It only took 3 sessions to put me back on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

How did it work for me?
Hypnosis for weight loss involves a trained hypnotherapist who puts you in a state of relaxation and heightened focus, before using verbal cues and images to suggest behavioral or thought changes.

When I went for my first session, I must admit I was a little skeptical, but the hypnotherapist assured me that hypnotherapy is a very valid part of psychology, and its use has been supported by scientific study.
To my surprise there was no pocket watch swinging or clucking like a chicken, my therapist used specific language and voice tone to place me into a relaxed state. It’s kind of like a trance. I remember feeling very focused while also feeling like I was spacing out. It is very hard to explain, but I do know that I was aware of everything the entire time. While I was in this state, my therapist was able to make suggestions to my unconscious mind that aligned with my ambitions for a healthy lifestyle. It’s like a recalibration to make sure every part of your brain is on the same page.

Hypnosis is a normal and natural way of knowing your inner self and augmenting it with virtues like self-belief.”

― Dr Prem Jagyasi

My results.
After three sessions I noticed a significant change in my thoughts. I no longer needed to battle my mind to make healthy choices and engage in healthy habits. I found that I didn’t want to eat huge portions, I craved joyful movement, and I was able to enjoy a glass of wine with friends again without crossing the line to excess. It was a true reset, and I found that I was able to recover my vitality and motivation for health once again.

Taking advantage of health products and services is a smart way to support your healthy lifestyle. Hypnosis for weight loss is a useful healthy living tool that was right for me at the time. It may be right for you too.

If you feel like you may need a brain reset to recalibrate your goals, make an appointment with a trained hypnotherapist to see if it may be a good path for you. Good Luck!

Healthy Living (Ft. Wine)

Today more than ever, people are concerned about their health. In most Western Australian cities and towns, any given morning will put on a spectacular show of health-seeking people. The walkers who walk in pairs, groups, with dogs, or chasing kids on bikes. The runners who jog on the spot at traffic lights to keep their heart rate escalated. The lycra-clad bike riders who pedal as a peloton, and then drink coffee as a peloton after. The gym-goers, the ones who yoga in the park, and the ones who swim laps in the sun. Eventually, everyone wants to be healthy.

“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”

― Paulo Coelho

Having good health is a precious prize to be treasured. Some of our health is luck, but most often, it comes down to us. Before we embark on our health journey, the most important thing to work on is self-awareness. Ask yourself, ‘What would wellbeing and health look like for me?’. If you can’t see yourself lifting weights and eating grapefruit, don’t even bother. There is a better way.

Health fads come and go, 20 years ago, everyone was downing wheatgrass shots to get healthy and pretending they didn’t taste just like a big glass of dirt. A few years before that, people were making huge batches of cabbage soup and eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until they were so miserable that they lost weight. Here at Westwood, we know a better way to be healthy that also includes the odd glass of wine!

“his lips drink water

but his heart drinks wine”

― E.E. Cummings

Healthy living can include days when you don’t want to exercise, days when you need to switch off from the world, and days when only a glass of wine will hit the spot. Don’t deny yourself those important mental and physical breaks. The benefits of relaxing and drinking a great quality wine can be as impactful as a CrossFit class washed down with celery juice.

Healthy living and drinking wine fit together in a wonderful way. You can nourish your body with delicious healthy food, exercise in a way that you enjoy, and thrive with the health benefits offered by a good glass of wine. Your body will be able to fight disease, suppress the aging process, and support a strong mental state with moderate consumption of wine. Let’s face it, we just enjoy it too dang it! Anything that makes us relax after a long day, connects us to our social groups, and tastes that great cannot be bad for us!

Supplements the Easy Way

Supplements can be a great way to heighten your nutritional intake. There are so many on offer today, that finding the right combination is an easy task. Unfortunately, the fun of supplements ends for most people when they get home and realise that supplements just taste awful. I want to share with you a little secret. You can use empty capsules to make taking your supplements an easy task that passes the taste test.

Getting all of the nutrients you need simply cannot be done without supplements.

Steven Gundry

Take a walk through your local health food store and you’re sure to find powdered supplements for any purpose. Visit your health-obsessed friend and I guarantee you’ll see half a dozen plastic powder containers perched faithfully in a row on the kitchen countertop. It’s a wonderful world we live in where we can get a powder for any purpose, from skin health to anti-inflammation, to cricket protein powder. (It’s a real thing).

The most challenging part of powder supplements is not which one to get, it’s the problem of how to take it. Mixing powders into liquid is the most common way to take powders, but honestly, how many times can we ruin the taste of a fruit smoothie by adding spirulina powder? This was my problem for years. I loved the way my supplements made me feel, but I loathed my morning spirulina smoothie, and I detested my lunchtime yogurt tainted with the weird taste of collagen powder. The worst was the afternoon glass of water mixed with baobab powder. It made me miserable. Healthy… but miserable.

My 4 key ingredients for success are my coach, my Forza supplements, my daily food deliveries and my gym.

Spencer Matthews

I set out to find a better way and that’s when I discovered the simplicity of using empty capsules to take supplements. I use the gelatin capsules, although there are capsules made without animal products for vegans too. The empty capsules on the market come in a range of different sizes and are made with high-quality ingredients and under strict standards. You need not worry about any nasty additives when incorporating them into your supplement routine.

Now, instead of struggling through the taste of my supplements and destroying the flavour of my smoothies, I just swallow a few capsules each morning with a glass of water. The greatest part is, they are completely tasteless, so my body gets the benefits without my tastebuds having to suffer.

Since using empty capsules, I’ve discovered that I can take my supplements in a more deliberate way. Now I get to choose exactly how much powder I ingest, and I can create combinations of powders to suit my needs for the day. I just mix my powders, open the capsule, and carefully scoop the mix into the capsule before clicking it back together. Now it is safely sealed inside my capsule to take when I’m ready. I can drink my smoothies AND enjoy the fresh fruit flavour without the taste and texture of supplement powder.

One of the added benefits of using empty capsules is there’s absolutely no wastage. Often when mixing supplements in liquid, clumps can form and be left at the bottom of the glass. When I take my capsule, know that I’m getting the entire dose, which has only bolstered my health even more.

This simple little healthy living tool has given me greater nutrition and enjoyment every single day. It proves the old saying that good things really do come in small packages.

Woodside Health Estate… Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to your new happy place. Here is the spot where you can indulge in your two favourite obsessions. Healthy living and enjoying a glass of great wine. This blog is the engine room of the spirit that drives Woodside Health Estate. Here you will find tips for healthy living, firsthand accounts of all those healthy living products and approaches, and of course plenty of wine talk.

Around 10 million Australians are regular wine drinkers. With incredible wines coming straight from our many wine-growing regions, it’s comforting to know that no matter where we live, we can enjoy some of the highest quality wines from our own backyard.

We’ve all heard the term ‘living your best life’. The Woodside Health Estate blog views the idea of living your best life as more than just having low body fat, running a marathon, and drinking blended kale every morning.

There. Must. Be. More. To. Life.

Around 20% of Australians have mental health concerns as their most prevalent chronic health condition. Healthy living should be more holistic than just clocking up kilometres on the treadmill. And living your best life should mean doing things that make your mind happy, and your body feel amazing! A healthy body, a healthy mind, and a little bit of everything in moderation is the most important idea you will find within the walls of this blog. Be sure to keep reading to learn about the health products we love and of course the wine we love too.

Now a question for you.
Do you drink wine as part of your healthy living habits, or do you consider a glass or two of Vino to be a guilty pleasure?
Join the conversation and let us know. And stay tuned for more on healthy living that includes wine.